Clamp Storage Design Challenge #2: And the Winners Are ...

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Every woodworker needs a serious clamp storage. Why not design it yourself?

I’m happy to say that many of you decided to share your own clamp storage ideas. They will be here to stay for a long time.

Folks from 360 WoodWorking had a hard time choosing two winning entries. Anyways, Chuck Bender sent me a message with the winning entries today:

BradNailor’s Swivel clamp rack

Mike40’s Clamp storage

The winners win a one-year subscription to 360 WoodWorking.

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants!

P.S. the Summer Awards are coming soon, get ready ;)

-- Martin Sojka,

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No problem sonnyd. It is a huge problem in my shop as well. I made the clamp rack just to test my design and now I can’t figure out what to move to hang it up. A shop is never big enough.

-- WC (Bruce)

Congratulations Bruce and Mike. Your pics are very nice and the work looks great. please accept my apology for a prior comment. Wall space is such a premium issuse with my shop. Have a good day!!

Custom cabinetmaker. Welcome. With 45yrs. professional experience it says a lot about you that you still love woodworking. I am also looking forward to seeing your work and your words.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Hi everyone I’am new to I’VE been A CABINET Maker FOR OVER 45YRS.Retired now and the chief of police is driving me nuts(wife)so it’s time I get back in my shop and get start making saw dust(hide from the Chief) I can see there’s alot of talented people here,and it’s goin to be fun chating &sharing.can’t wait to get started.CUSTOMCABINETMAKER

-- customcabinetmaker

No, No, No. this is all wrong…takes up valueable wall space. taking up floor space with a floor rack sucks too…. Have a work table??? No drawers, simply build a shelf a few inches below the table top and slide your bar clamps in end way. small clamps from the side. Have drawers on your table ,,put shelf below that a few inches. or lower the drawers and shelf it above. holds a ton of clamps and you will not even notice the used space. all your small hand clamps can snap some place or have a drawer for them… Have a good day!!

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