Interior door making #7: 8 done, 9,10 constructed

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Number 8 of 12 is done. Painted and installed. This one is 18" and goes to the attic.

Picked up the lumber for 9 and 10 last night after trick or treating. I need a roof rack or something. My new car is a ford focus and it was all I could do to fit 8 2×6s and 5 1×6s in. All 8 footers touching glass front and back. I’ve been thinking about building a rack that can hold plywood but the dang crossbars are almost $400. I’ll keep relying on my buddy with a suburban for now.

Numbers 9 and 10 are both 24" (11 and 12 are also 24”). I completely filled my 50 gallon separator barrel. I had to punch down the planer shavings at one point. At the end of the night I dumped it all into 2 trash barrels and I’ll put it out on the curb on yard waste pickup day. I don’t even have to waste a bag. They’ll dump the contents right into the truck.

Not many pictures today. I started about 8:30. My neighbor was running his lawnmower so I figured I could run my planer with the garage door open. It’s kind of early but whatever. With daylight savings just changed, it was really 9:30. LOL

Gluing up 2 of these guys at once is a challenge. I only have one table to clamp them to. It’s important to clamp them to a flat surface or they will not be flat when you take the clamps off. So I stacked them on top of each other and put cauls on each edge so I could use one set of clamps for both doors. Then I clamped them to the table with cauls on top like usual.

Lots and lots of cleaning today thanks to a barrel worth of sawdust. I finished around 9pm after cleaning up and putting my tools away. Getting close to the finish line on this project.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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Looks like you coming near the finish line now Brian. You might think about buying a trailer. We bought a small open trailer about 12 years ago (5ft W x 6-1/2ft L). I use it a lot for hauling everything like furniture, lumber and trash to gravel, bark for the garden, etc. It’s one of the best and most used things I have ever bought.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Actually, 18" is a stock size that you can get pretty much anywhere. But my entry coat closet door is 23", which is definitely not a stock size, but I built it to maximize the width I had.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

I looked at the door for a while and went back to the text: 18" :)
I don’t think you can even buy that kind of size

The shaving in the barrels made me think of ice cream with coconut shavings ontop.

well done.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

One thing I think I forgot to mention in my earlier posts was that after I joint and rip to width, I keep the cutoffs to use as door stops. Waste not, want not.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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