WoodworkingWeb Interview: TonyCan

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This interview, with TonyCan is from June, 2016

1. What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in woodworking all begin?

My dad, did/does wood working and so i picked it up from him, i have always like to be creative and have always loved it, just never had time. I finally made a life decision and it freed up a lot of time to pursue my hobby.

2. Who is your woodworking mentor and why?

Mentor, didn’t really have one, like i said my dad did it and thats where i picked up the want to learn woodworking. Many of my knowledge is acquired thru this great site with the great guys and gals!

3. Power or hand tools? … and why

Mostly power tools, I have used a handful of hand tools, i just have not practiced and honed my hand tool skills, but i do hope to learn the hand tool way more.

3b. You recently purchased a scroll saw – is it getting lots of use? What has been your favourite scrolled creation?

Unfortunately it has not seen much use, i had an injury and have not been able to spend much time out in my shop. I did recently cut a monogram for a grad gift this last weekend, i was kind of happy with the outcome, i still need practice.

4. What is your dream project and when do you think you will tackle the challenge?

I don’t know if I will call it a dream project, but my next big project is shelving and drawers and storage for my daughters room. I want to make the most of the space, and make it fit her and her needs.

5. What is the greatest gift that this craft gives you?

Peace, relaxation, and satisfaction, every time I finish a project big or small I feel good knowing that i created that.

6. What are your “words of wisdom” that you want to pass on to others, especially to beginners?

Enjoy it, a lot of people want to start wood working to make money, and I won’t lie I took a stab at making money, and I just didn’t enjoy it. Having to deal with deadlines and customers it became more of a job than a hobby. Now I still get asked to make stuff, but I tell people I will take my time, I can’t guarantee any delivery dates but I can guarantee a quality item that I will be proud of. To me that is more important than making a buck – having fun and having pride in your work. Also, never be afraid to ask questions, these folks on this group are extremely helpful and are always there to lend a hand!

Thanks for a chance at this, and hopefully after this surgery i will be back out in the shop.

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Tony great job on the interview I like the scroll saw project that says Taylor seems like you got a great eye for that . My father was a cabinetmaker and draftsman from back in the 40s I picked everything up from him but trying to Get him to learn all these new Ways of doing things .was almost impossible he’s gone now and I miss him very much but one thing I can say I’m glad , he wouldn’t let up on teaching me the old ways it’s come in so handy so many times and I love him for doing it keep up the good work Tony . You’re on your way to become a great craftsman.

-- customcabinetmaker

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