Makore Table Enlarged

Makore Table Enlarged
Makore Table Enlarged
Makore Table Enlarged
Makore Table Enlarged
Makore Table Enlarged

We started with a 52 inch square table. 3 years later, the center part of the table, made of solid Makore, shrink and expanded and cracked away from the border of the table. AND our friends moved into a new house that make the 52 inch square table obsolete. With the love of the design, we rebuilt the table 42 inches by 8 feet. And this time we built a vacuum press and made veneered Makore for the center. The outside is hard maple and between the center and the maple is Wenge.

We cut the old table in half to harvest the wood for the new enlarged table.

This is absolutely a lesson in wood shrinking and expanding over time. This time (knock on wood!) it will never move. I’d love opinions and questions.



I think every ww at some point has discovered the hard way the cruel reality of wood movement. I don’t know any way of framing solid wood that won’t end in tears! The veneer looks great and will never move enough to disturb the border.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I think you did the right thing.

Mike, an American living in Norway


What an elegant transformation!


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Absolutely beautiful!

Steve Gaskins

Way to go! Gorgeous renovation.

Wow these is perhaps the most impressive table I’ve ever seen,amazingly beautiful. Fantastic work Ellen.

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