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Q: Sliding Windows

I want to add some sliding glass (Windows) to my deck, so I don’t get wet when I am using the cap stove. I have a bunch of tempered glass panes from somebody’s sun porch. How do we install them so that they slide? What do I need to buy/make (as in “get Rick to build”?)

Wondering: 2018 exchange?

I enjoyed following the 2017 exchange last year…. will there be another one this year?

Your 2018 Woodworking Goals

What are your woodworking goals for 2018?


I am at an event today, in the Barrie Ontario area and during break I had to take a pix of the building and share with you guys…

Last Week's Weekly Brief

Did you see last week’s “Weekly Brief” ? It had a SPECIAL article in it ….. http://preview.mailerlite.com/i1v6i8

Wood of the Month: Ash Wood

What are your experiences with working with ash? (Here are a few member creations made with ash)


Joining two pieces of wood, aligning the grain (and knots, etc) to create a mirror image. What are your tips, tricks (and questions)?

Measuring Tapes - Part III (What everyone should know)

Last one, I think… What are the tips about using a measuring tape, that every woodworker should know?

Measuring Tapes - Part II (What to do with broken ones)

Ok, here we go. Let’s brainstorm. What can you do with old broken measuring tapes? GO!

Tool of the Month: BLOCK PLANE

What are your tips and knowledge of block planes? (Bo Peep’s Photo: https://woodworkingweb.com/entries/998-cleaning-up-the-block-plane-part-1)

Tool of the Month: SCRIBES

What tools/methods do you use to mark your wood before cutting?

Pecan Wood

What are your experiences with Pecan Wood? Here are two creations share by our members. (Add yours in the comments below.)

Upcoming Woodworking Events

What/where/when are the upcoming woodworking events? Please post: Date, Location, Website, and other pertinent information.

Tool of the Month: Measuring Tapes

How many do you have? And is that enough?

Carving Letters

What are your tips (and questions) for carving letters?

Tips: Cutting Boards

At this time, we have our Quarterly Awards and the subject is “cutting boards”. What are your tips re: making a cutting board?


I have a friend who own a little wooded area and he has found a cherry tree with a burl that is about 3’ in diameter. His question to me was: “Now what?” (He’d love to turn something and he also wonders if he can cut it into smaller pieces) What are your tips and suggestions for getting/preparing/using the burl?

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, I hope you and your family are doing well. (Say “hi”, for me, to Ms. Claus and the elves) I have tried my best to be good this year. I have been doing lots of woodworking and, after you’ve taken care of all the boys and girls, I was wondering if maybe, I could find the following under my tree this year (see below). Merry Christmas

any tips?

someone has asked us to make a beer-glass-tray (10.5″ × 5.5″), that looks like a cutting board with a handle… they want 6 holes cut into the wood to hold the glasses. I started thinking that the wood, perhaps, should be a laminate so keep it from breaking when the glasses are full…. thoughts? (and add a handle at the one end).

TIPS: Fixing A Mistake

What are your tips/strategies and questions about fixing a mistake? Yes, that all depends — but there must be some standard “do’s” and “don’t do’s”.

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