Got some good press for my school


Lee Valley’s social media person contacted me a week or so ago about posting some of my work. Yesterday this post appeared ……. with the link to my school. You can’t buy press like this. I am thrilled.
… and the numbers that are building up are shocking.

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Wow that’s great Paul ,this should create lots of interest and hopefully many new students.

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That’s Great Paul. It should definitely send more students your way.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s awesome. Congratulations and it’s well deserved after all your effort.

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Before you know it, you’ll be putting in 80-hour weeks, building on to your shop for more classroom space, assembling dozens of chevys, hiring assistants, etc., just to keep up with all the students. And then you’ll probably be asked to do your own reality marquetry show. You won’t even have time to go to Arizona for the winter!

Ahh, yes, retirement! Enjoy!


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that is “giddy exciting” stuff!!!! Congratulations!

and kudos to Lee Valley — again!

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Good stuff.


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And why am I not surprised? Your work SHOULD be seen everywhere! That was a spectacular piece! Congratulations, Paul!

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