Nice Site

Very, very nice. I will probably use this extensively. Lots of good information.

Finish Question - What's The Difference?

A question about paint. A gallon of paint that says it’s 100% acrylic latex while a finish from General Finishes is acrylic. What’s difference? Other than thickness. Like the new site.

Hi to all!

I’m glad to find this new forum, saw it on Shiela’s LJ blog. I’m a scroller, been doing it about 8 years. I have a very small area to work in – a spare bedroom for the saw and my garage. But I think I do alright. I’m from along the Mississippi river in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I’ve been doing craft shows for about 6 years but this year I got into a booth at a huge craft mall in Wisconsin Dells. This is a huge tourist destination known for it’s waterparks (all year round) and many other things....

Claro Walnut Bowl

Kicking off the Woodturning forum with this 12" d. Claro Walnut bowl; the thinnest bowl I’ve turned so far.

Personalized signatures

It is probably here and I am just not seeing it, but how do I create a signature line(s) that automagically appears on all my posts? TIA Art

What's up

I just wanted to say hello. Idont know how many LJs are over here. Partly because I’ve become very accustomed to all of your icon pictures lol, but I wanted to say hello. I think it’s great to have multiple sites talking about wood working. More exposure is always a good thing. I’ve seen some people already complaining that this is going to be an LJ clone because people will just duplicate their posts on both websites. To those I say who cares. Don’t hate. I’m happy to be here and just...


Just wanted to say howdy. I have been cruising other forums and I think I’ll land here and see what happens.

Elm slabs

I recently acquired two elm slabs. I’ll get a photo of them up here soon. I was wondering if anyone else has used elm for table tops and if so, how did it go and how did you finish it? I’ve never used elm…should do a blog, I guess.

Floating Band Saw Cutting Guide / Feather Board

Once in a while, I find I need support material near the blade and a fence or re-saw guide just doesn’t feel right. In the course of one of my [fortunately not well known] notorious goof off sessions (does that qualify as a paradox?), I made this support. It rides in the track using a piece of wood, or one of the inexpensive, aluminum jig guides you buy for jigs, and seems to be the ticket for holding wood against the fence or re-saw guide for certain cuts.

New guy

Morning all. I’m the new guy. As I said im my profile I am over at Lumberjocks and have been for a bit. I say a post this A.M. announcing this new site, so I thought I’d drop by. As long as I’m here could some one tell me how to add an avitar to my name. I feel kind naked with out one. Looking forward to the new site. Talk to ya soon. Thanks Mark

Powermatic Band Saw Light Modification

Stock, the 14" Powermatic band saw light must bend from behind the machine to the front. Doing so really stresses the goose-neck supporting the light. Even when adjusted, it never seems positioned quite right for a good view of the cut. Too, the light always has to be moved to drop with the Cater Tension Release, or when you open the door to swap blades. I drilled and tapped the cast you raise and lower to adjust for cutting different thicknesses of wood. To avoid going into the iron on...

Powermatic Band Saw Extension Table

I’ve made several 30” circles using my circle cutting jig. Each time, it’s been a struggle holding the right side of the jig, with the material on it, flush with the table. I thought about making a cart, but that seemed like a lot of material, and space. I thought I’d gamble and see if I could make something which didn’t require a cart, or additional supports from the bottom of the table to the band saw base. This is what I came up with and it seems to be working fine. 1) First, I cut a...

Band Saw Angle Cutting Jig

After seeing what others had done using three different colors of wood to make 3-D patterns out of wood, I thought I’d try my hand at it. To aid in the process, I made this jig for my band saw. Of course, one could vary it a bit for the table saw. I extended the miter slot guide about six inches out the back, to make it easier to align and operate the jig. I pick up 3/8” aluminum stock from a metal supply and run it through my saw using a fine tooth, carbide blade with no real set....

Unifence mounted pushblock

Has anyone made one before? I’m thinking it might be a good idea to help keep my hands even further from the blade, especially when making thin cuts where having the guard installed isn’t possible.

Just wanted to say Hi!....

Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m David from Jacksonville, FL. I’ve been a DIY guy ever since I was young, and within the last couple years, got more into woodworking. I feel like I’ve come a long way since I started, but I know I have a LOT to learn. I work a full time job as an AR manager for a local trucking company, and also started a small side business called DML Woodworks back in October (DML stands for the first initials of my three sons). I don’t have a website or...

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