Eighteenth Century Cabinet #6: Side Panels ….. Marquetry/Parquetry

I’ve finished the Main parquetry / marquetry panels that will go on the sides of my cabinet …... finally.
This iconic Jean Henri Reisener parquetry is amazingly dramatic but very labour intensive to build. It contains 96 individual flowers, each of which has eleven parts, all sand shaded.
The marquetry medallions in the middle are the remaining two of four I cut when I made my desk so for this project they were “free”. :-)

An eight layer thick packet of lattice that will be divided into four pieces for each side panel.

Lattice laid out with a marquetry medallion to check for fit.

Cutting the Padauk lozenges six at a time. All the veneer is 1.5 mm thick except the lattice. It is .9mm Amaranth (Purpleheart) on the show side backed with .6mm Oak. What you will be seeing here is the glue side so it is Oak.

Each lozenge is surrounded by 12 Ebony and Holly fillets to give a three dimensional effect. These were cut with my new steampunk guillotine.

In this picture I have cut a little piece of Amaranth lattice to get a peek of what the show side will look like. You can also see the buildup of the three dimensional effect.

The flowers are cut separately six at a time.

Sand shading this many pieces is a sit down job.

All done, this is the left side

...and this is the right.

Lots left to do. I’m just getting started here. :-)

Thanks for looking

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