Eighteenth Century Cabinet #7: Progress on the 18C Cabinet

Since the last entry I’ve made a good bit of progress. The side panels are now completely finished and ready to be mounted on the cabinet and the front door panel is well underway. I’m also including a few pics of the custom veneer press I made up to press the curved sides.
This is what a finished side panel looks like.
The front doors will carry an adapted version of this Jean Francois Oeben table top.

The current state of that panel.
... and then there is the custom press …. Each frame has a screw in the centre and two wedges.

The back is fitted to the inside curve and the legs

The whole thing will press the marquetry panel with this curved caul

It makes a nice tight fit

Next time I should be able to show the panels actually on the cabinet!

Thanks for looking in.

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