Lola The Doll #3: Arms

Head √
Legs √
Body √

Dola needs arms! 
For the arms, I adapted the pattern for the Moose, making them more "doll" arms - with thumbs.
Yes, basically, that's all I did. I added thumbs. 

I don't have a lot of pattern details but here we go:

(Skin Colour)
sc 6 into magic loop 
inc to 12
sc around
sc/increase around to 18
sc 18 (for 2 rows)
4 dc bobble in first stitch, [thumb]  sc around (18)
sc 1, dec, sc 7 dec, sc 7
sc 17 x3 rows

stuff hand 

dec sc 16
sc 16
dec. sc 15
sc 15
dec, sc 14
sc 14 for rest of length of the arm

Check length - should be approximately as long as the leg. 

Because I had purchased a box of "bendy curlers" I decided to try them in arms. 
Insert "Flexible Curler" if you want to have a bendable arm; stuff the very top of the arm, around the curler.. or stuff  entire arm.

Stitch the arms to the body or pinch arms in half and sc across the top, closing it, and then stitch it onto the body.  The second is what I opted for 

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