Easy Plaid Box

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Easy as in Easy Miter that is.

This is a project I did in 2014. One of my favorite. You may have seen it on another site
Credit goes to Martyn (britboxmaker) for the easy miter technique and a great blog:

This box started as a cutting board that I liked from Joesbetterhalf; this one:
Thanks for the inspiration Joesbetterhalf!


1- Finished box
2- Box and lid
3- Box prior to lid separation
4- Lumber used
5- Plaid pieces being cut.

I had some gaps due to a poorly executed glue up. I thought about recutting the board and re-glue it.
after much thoughts I decided to resaw the cutting board and make 2 easy miter boxes.

While thicknessing the 2 halfs I got from resawing, the planer decided to chew on one of them when I got close to 1/4 inch thick (:
I had to take the planer apart to clean up the clogged internal blower.


I used some long loose pieces I collected overtime for this build.
I thicknessed all of them and ripped them to width and cross cut to size.
After gaps where found in the glue up, I re-sawed the board in two:

Cut Dadoes /grooves 1/8 all around the edges to receive the bottom and 5/8 for the lid separation

I applied some blue tape where the V groove will be cut on the opposite side and cut all around.

Cut off 4 corners with utility knife, applied glue, folded the box an “mummified” it.

The separation was done on the bandsaw, I located the cut line with the help of one of the disregarded 4 corners.

For those wondering why the ends are cut off in picture # 6, The board was a little higher than my bandsaw
resaw capacity. So I cut from both sides to keep symmetry. I should have cut all four sides so the symmetry was maintained through out… That translated in the yellow heart strip a little off on two sides.
more learning for me :)

The positions of groove /dadoes and V-groove depends on what proportions you want for the box and where you want the miter folds to happen.

Wood: walnut and ash purple heart and yellow heart. The ash is from a saved small piece I though had character.
Bottom is 1/8th plywood.

*finish: *
wipe on satin poly gel from General Finishes.
The bottom and top interior are line up with brown felt.

*dimensions: *
5×5 x 3 5/16

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


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