Second Gen Cutting Board

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I have been wanting to try some 2nd generation cutting boards since I saw boards from SAsmith, Degoose and others.
I got a used copy of “Laminated Designs in Wood” on amazon to learn a bit more.

My wife has been waiting for a cutting board since I started woodworking.
I thought this one would be the one… She has to wait a little longer ):

This is the first 2nd generation I try. It is fraught with mistakes but I learned few things.

I underestimated the size of the original linear laminate and had to cut some more during the build.
That translated to slightly different size and different color in the walnut. And it shows on the central lines.

While cutting the second set of cut, I tried eye balling the center of the cut.
I am not sure what I was thinking… That mistake is visible in the resulting board.

Build steps:

cutting first generation laminate

Trimming first generation laminates to get a strait edge in order to make second cut

Cutting second generation

I decided to add some cherry trim to contrast a little.

Made a template and routed the handle

rounded over the whole thing

At the end of the build I made an attachment to my crosscut sled. No more eye balling, especially with bifocals.
It’s hard to see the Plexiglas that is on either side of the blade.

I am thinking to redo this board again.
Overall it was frustrating but fun.
For some reason I like this design.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

“high five” … well, this is exciting, isn’t it!
I love “firsts” .. and I also love hearing that a spouse is getting a long-saught-after creation!
Now, if I could just figure out how it went from zigzags to the final design.

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Beautiful and very creative.

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You did good here !…I’m sure your wife will love it….We are our own worst critics…..I reviewed the step by step photos and found this to be a complex pattern and can see why it was frustrating…But you pulled it off and it looks great….Well done…

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WOW! That is a really cool design. Great job! You’re wife will love it, and will only see the love you put into this.

Wow! You belong on another planet!


you might try “Lamination Pro” it is design software that works really well, and you can see your design before you build it. google it for site.


Thank you all for uplifting comments.

I just need to learn how to slow down and plan better. That has been a struggle for me.

Smitty1, I looked at it once but did was not very impressed with the options.. I think it’s a great tool but the combination of flipping and shifting did not cover most of the possibilities covered in the book.
I see there is a new version out. I will download that and try it again.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I think it turned out great! Very very nice board. Only the maker would see the flaws. And thanks for the step by step, and the notes of what you would do differently.

Might As Well Dance :

Nice design and great photos.

It is visually very appealing.


I’m always amazed to see great designs like this on cutting boards ,even following the photo work up it’s still a bit confusing to me. This is beautiful and amazing .

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