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Head Case

Head Case
My new old boat (Sandpiper) came with a full wall mirror above the sink cabinet. It was quite smoky and no one my age needs that much mirror in the head (bathroom) so I removed it and replaced it with some teak veneer and this medicine cabinet. It looks better in there now and the storage is very much appreciated when I cruise.
The veneer was applied with hot hide glue and a veneer hammer, the cabinet is teak, and all were colour matched to the existing 35 year old teak plywood with a blend of dyes.
The signature sandpipers on the knobs are not quite Ebony and Ivory but they are Ebony and bone.

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beautiful work.the knobs are a very cool touch.
I’m scrolling through the photos, in awe of the beauty and craftsmanship .. and then I saw the door knobs … 

They took my breath away! 

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Fits in real nice. Great job !!!   Mike
Looks great. Teak is such a nice wood to work with...

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

That looks great.  A perfect fit. The knobs are awesome (impressive)
Thats some real nice looking grain. Thats nice work on the fit up