Round Box

Round Box
Round Box
Round Box
Round Box
Round Box

Just a small box I made a while back. I used figured maple for the lid and the little division strips on the side. Alder for the box sides. I added store bought inlay for the design, and made some funky little feet that I still don’t know if I like. Maybe I’ll change them some day.
I made the knob and feet out of Mahogany, and gave it a lacquer finish.
Thanks for looking


Bently!!! Glad to see you here. Great looking box. Didn’t know you were into fun fur….Haha

Involve your kids and grandkids. They'll love you for it!

i like everything about it, it caught my eye, very nice work

"the grizz" [''''']

Thank You,

Good to see you to Gary.
I’m not so much into fur, it’s just my boxers were the only thing I could find at the time. :)

I like those funky little feet . The mahogany and inlay give a great contrast , nice creation .
You better switch from fur to silk……it’s springtime . : )


Nice to see some more of your work. This is really different from your other projects. Did you lathe it or employ another method? If I could get the angles correct for the joints so that it didn’t fall apart, I could see using a jig to sand it round. I don’t turn ;-( not yet anyway!

We hope you’ll re-post some of your fabulous projects from the past here.


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Thanks Moment.

Thanks L/W,
I just cut it round on the band saw and then hand sanded it (no jig) smooth with my edge sander. I don’t have a lathe, but it’s on my list. Not sure if I’ll re-post anything or not. If there’s anything that you can remember that you would like to see again I would be glad to put it up for you. :) I’m going to give this site some time for a while and see how it progresses before I get to involved. Hopefully it will fill with nice people such as yourself..

It’s not just a small box, it’s a great box.

The wood combo is excellent.

I like how you cut the lid so the grain flows almost like a spider web, looks like 22.5 degree cut.
The knob faces complement the top pieces.

This is great work BentlyJ!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks lanwater,
I appreciate the comment. (sorry I’m so late to reply)
Projects don’t come back to the front, so sadly many will be forgotten unless they are being followed. I don’t like that. Wish they would surface when someone commented so you wouldn’t have to follow every project to keep up with them.

Nice piece Bently.
Good to see you again. You have Ben missed.

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Thanks shipwright,
I ‘Ben’ around a little on the other board. Thought maybe you noticed the birdsmouth glue up on your thread. :)
Hoping to make this home, just waiting to see how it grows.
PS. Can’t compete with anything you do…

Outstanding build and design

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