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The other day I ran out of a couple of sizes of sanding sleeves and after calling the tool shop I thought making some myself would be worth a try since they wanted $7.00 a piece for a 3”x 4 1/2” 80 grit sleeve .
I had the good fortune to acquire a box of sanding belts that are about 156”x6” in several grits and decided to give it a try .
I made a simple pattern by wrapping paper around the sleeve and cutting the ends to shape and then putting the pattern on the backside of the belt and cut the belt to shape .To form the sleeve I taped the one edge the joining edge with filament tape and wrapped the paper tightly around the drum making sure I got a fairly tight seam and when complete trimmed of the excess tape .This turned out to be very simple and will be the way I will do the rest of the drums .It will make it very easy to switch from one grit to another .The other thing I did was making a larger top washer from HDF (14`laminate flooring )to expand the drum more evenly .
I gave the three inch sleeve a trail run on a three in piece of D =Fir to see how it would perform and I am happy with the result .
I also tried a second method where I simply wrapped the sandpaper around the drum and pinched a little tab on the end of the sandpaper between the drum and top and bottom washers which also worked quite well .
To hold the paper temporarily in place I used masking tape which was removed before using the sleeve .

Here are a few pics of the second method

spindle sander

Nice! Looks prefessenal! Lol, it really looks like a good system with the tabs on
I like that you’re sharing your ideas as well. I consider these shop tip gems an intigrel part of my learning curve in woodworking.
thanks much!

-- Steve Tow


What a terrific idea for saving money.


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Good idea Klaus!

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

-- Wheaties

good job I will do that

-- jim

What a fantastic money saving solution, thank you for sharing.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Great Idea Klaus.
I can see it in my very near future.

I have some of the ruined belts from the drum sander that are still pretty good.
I just need to cut them to size…

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Just goes to show ideas are always flowing from your thinking cap,another winner Klaus

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Great idea, I’m going to use that.

-- Jaybird