Scrapwood Project - Robot Phone Stand


Had some fun in the shop last night and made this little guy from scrap wood. Inspired by other shop robots I’ve seen, I decided to make my own. His name is SID. He was a Strategic Invasion Droid, but has been decommissioned. In order to avoid being melted down, he has been repurposed into a personal communications device custodian. It was fun to forget about other projects for a little while, and just do something fun and a bit silly, recharge so to speak.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!



Fun little project. I like it


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That is awesome. Kind of a shop mascot so to speak. Fun is what it is all about. Good job and I like the little guy.


I like what you did to the face both in term of grain flow and eyes.

Nice idea David.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Shop mascot!

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fun project and story.

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Nice work and I agree that it is fun to just let loose and make something creative for a change. We should all do that once in awhile.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Very ingenious!

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