This rolling pin is made from a piece of very light coloured walnut and a piece of maple that where not much use for anything but of perfect use for this . Carefully cutting around cracks and taking out the bad twist in both boards I managed to get a good turning blank .After turning it on the lathe and giving it a good polish with beeswax and then as a special touch adding a couple Canadian one dollar coins I am kind of liking it and I am sure that my daughter will also when I make it part of her Christmas present as one of her hobby’s is baking .

Comments always welcome good or not but remember this is the first rolling pin I made but not the last they are just too much fun and a good way to use some not so good lumber ..


— Kiefer

it is gorgeous!

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Fine art isn’t supposed to be useful but I guess we can give you a pass this time. :-)

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

ha good one, shipwright!!

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

You and your work are amazing.


Very nice Kiefer.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Very nice

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