King size cherry sleigh bed


Since I had full knee replacement surgery in December, I have been busy in the shop while recovering and waiting for spring. The wife has been wanting a king size bed forever. I had some beautiful old cherry two inch rough cut lumber to make the legs and used one inch cabinet grade plywood for the headboard and foot board. I used General Finishes Georgian Jel stain and General Finishes water based topcoat. The shop is in the basement and bedroom on 2nd floor so the bed was assembled piece by piece in the bedroom. Mattress coming today. Thanks for looking.



That’s one cool bed well done Jack.

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That is awesome and very well made! Excellent work!



The bed is incredible, but even more incredible is how you did it up and down two flights with a knee still healing! The Mrs. must be delighted. Best wishes on full recovery from the surgery.

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Thank you all sincerely for the great comments, and thank you lightweightladylefty, the knee is getting better everyday. I still remember that amazing bed you made.


Nice job jack!! Are you putting box spring and mattress, or just mattress?

Thank you Wes. Going to use just a matteress which is 16”. Any higher and the wife will need a ladder.(-:)


? and my next question, one i always struggle with when building beds.. did you make to exact size of mattress or oversize?

That was what I was worried about but they dropped the mattress in place and there was an inch on all four sides. That was what I was shooting for. Just lucky I guess.


That is beautiful Jack!

Christopher Richard