Spooled thread holder


Made for a sister-in-law to hold her thread spools. Made from cherry using General Finishes jell stain. Holds 54 regular spools and 12 large ones. Thanks for looking.


looks great Jack,looks like lots of work.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

That’s going to make someone’s life a whole lot easier.

Thank you Jim and Kelly, lots of parts.


Reminds me of being back in 3rd grade art class , love it .

Thanks Ed, and thanks Moment, it’s been so long I don’t remember being in 3rd grade.



That certainly is an attractive spool holder. I wish I had enough room for one like that so I wouldn’t have to dig through boxes to find what I want. If I ever make the sewing cabinet that I designed 20 years ago, I’ll have a few shallow drawers to hold my spools. Until then, I’ll just be jealous of people like your sister-in-law. ;-(


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Thank you L/W for the kind words.