Sofa table

Sofa table
Sofa table

A lady that works at the golf club I belong to ask if I would make her an oak sofa table. I have no idea how she even knew I do this thing we do but this is what I came up with. Made from solid oak, sort of a shaker style from picture i found. Stained it with General Finishes Prairie wheat jell stain with a couple of coats of water based topcoat. This sucker is heavy. I’m giving it to her for grandmothers day in September. Thanks for looking.




The table turned out really nice! Great Work!


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I like it super build Jack.

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She ought to be happy with this beauity.

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Thank you all for the kind words.


This style looks more like Craftsman style than Shaker .
The Shakers did not have sofas ; those would have been too
decadent for their acerbic , and celibate life style . ; )
Tabitha Babbitt , a Shaker toolmaker, invented the
circular saw in 1810 . This style looks like your style ,
which is quite stylish . Great looking table .

Thank you Moment, I wasn’t sure what style it was. I added the flutes in the legs as an after thought and that certainly changed it to something else. (I love flutes) I should have called it a menagerie sofa table. :-)


Very nice table.


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Moment is right. Craftsman style built by a true craftsman. Really beautiful table, Jack. Good job.

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Thank you Brian, really appreciate it.