Walnut and Maple Chess Board


This is the first thing I have put together in a good while. Made from walnut and maple, the squares are oversized at 2-3/4 inches. The bare wood looks so good, doesn’t show in the pics, I hate to put anything on it. Maybe just one coat of clear topcoat. After looking at this thing I think I will replace the two knobs, looks like it has eyes looking back at me. Thanks for looking.



Nice looking chess board. Walnut and maple make such a nice contrast. Are you making the pieces for it, too?


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This turned out great very nice work Jack.

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Thank you L/W and Jim. Making the pieces also but at my speed might be spring before they are finished.


Might fine job Jack, Looks great.

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Thank you OD, appreciate the kind words.


Really nice job . My grandson and I built one a few years back .


Many thanks Bruce, this is for one of my grandsons.