Wall wine rack


Wall wine rack for my daughter in law. Made from walnut and used water pipes. She is into farm house style so this is what I come up with. Don’t know if this qualifies as farm house but she likes it anyway. Didn’t do a lot of sanding as you can see the saw marks on top shelf. Thanks for looking.


Very Nice Wine Rack. I like the combination of the rich warm look of the Walnut for the down home look and the combination of the pipe for the Industrial flare. A job well done Jack.

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Unique design, well done Jack.

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That turned out fun, and great, and. . .

Fun design. You’ve been busy lately.

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Many thanks guy for the kinds words. Brian, I have been busy and I have a backlog of requests to last me for the rest of the year.


Cool design incorporating the Walnut with the pipes.

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