I quickly built this desk for my oldest daughter. Solid cedar except for the bottom shelves, the top is birch plywood. Live edge Cedar shelf on the top. One coat of wipe on poly. I would have done the bottom shelves differently but I was in a rushing to get it done. I can always change them out later.


The bottom shelf is for the printer, or one of those old fashioned tower PCs. ?

When I built my desk, I put an IKEA glass table top on it as a writing surface. They come in different colors and it’s the least expensive 3/8" tempered glass you’ll find anywhere. And the edges are polished, of course. Cedar is pretty soft and tough to write on (single sheet of paper). Then again, they don’t teach kids to write anymore.

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Good job hope she enjoyed it very much.

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Looks like a winner!

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It looks REALLY handy and convenient – WIN !!!!

I think it will be a wonderful space for building memories :)

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Thanks everyone! She draws on a i-pad, so she’s good for the soft wood, thanks for that advice Brian. The bottom shelves are for little baskets or containers to sit on for her makeup to go in. I’m still trying to use up all the left over cedar boards from our move. Almost all used up. ?

You have done a wonderful job and I love the use of leftovers!

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Love the cedar and design. Very nice for something you built “quickly”.


_I’m still trying to use up all the left over cedar boards from our move. _

A couple of planter boxes will do, thank you. ?

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Really cool! I would have loved that in my room when I was a kid.