Plyometrics box


My son who is a banker, has been working from home soon after the pandemic began. He is an exercise nut, (didn’t take after me), who runs marathons and even iron man marathons. He called and ask me to make him a Plyometrics Box which he could use in he limited space office to work out. Made from half inch plywood and stud bracing inside, it is 16×20×24. I used a floor and porch paint on it to be skid resistant. Plenty of YouTube videos if you are interested. Thanks for looking.


Hi Jack, I never heard of this before but It looks nice and sturdy, nice work I’m sure he will love it.

Is that box mitered? If not, it’s perfect construction. Good job. Sometimes simple things are not quite as simple as they appear.

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It is not mitered Brian, I just had a guy come and tune up my table saw and the thing cuts to perfection. Thank you Brian and thank you Jim.


My muscles hurt just looking at that box! What a nice gift you have given him for Father’s Day. Oops! I guess the gift was getting to make it for him!


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I had to look it up …

So all the number on it are heights?

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Right MsDebbie, there is a set of different exercises for each height. Thank you MsDebbie and thank you L/W.


Cool! First time I’ve ever heard of one of those.

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Thank you Lew, after 10 minutes on that thing I needed a nap.