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Never tried something like this before and just by chance it came about .
My grandson and I were making a bandsaw project and one side of this shape appeared .
I got the inspiration for this project that has been in back of my mind for a while .
The plan was to mount a hard drive disk in some sort of a stand but the shape and material choices just did not come together until this appeared .
This is made from a nicely figured piece of red willow which has a fire and smoke look and a textured base made from artificial stone with the disk suspended by string and a textured walnut dowel .
No matter where the piece was placed to take pictures illusions appeared created by the disk which would almost be invisible by reflecting the foreground or appear to be partially hidden behind the wood , just some surprising visual effects .
The disk also gives a nice rig when tapped with my fingernail or a small metal object .


Good illusion. I thought I studied the lead photo before I read the write up but when you mentioned the disc, my reaction was … “What disc?”.
I had to go back and look again. Then I looked at the other photos and it became more clear. The whole piece is over the top beautiful but like I said …….. Good illusion!

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I had no idea that this would create such illusions and had not anticipated anything like this .
I just loved the shape and finished the woodwork and mounted the disk but when I looked at the pictures that my wife took I was just stunned and at first I thought she had doctored the pictures .
Now I will play with it in different environments outside and with lighting and see what else will appearer .

wow the same thing happened to me, i was wondering what disc you were talking about, this is quite capturing, i like every aspect of this, you have a winning piece again…you always do….

"the grizz" [''''']

I too did not see the disk at first. I went back to the first picture and there it was.
The reflection is creating a nice illusion.

Well done Klaus.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I think that the CD has Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” on it. That is why we can not see it.
What a great concept and build.

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Thanks for the comments
Yes the first look at this is the illusion and further looks reveal the real thing and that I find the fun part .
It’s not a CD but a disk from a hard drive but a cd would maybe work also especially with that title .
Here is a link that is worth reading


Nice use of those pretty pieces of willow. Very clever.


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very cool and unique! I didn’t see the disc in the first couple of pictures either until I went back and looked more closely at them.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Beautiful work.

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