Classic furniture

Martin Sojka
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Inspiration from an old castle in Czech Republic.

Martin Sojka,


What incredible craftsmanship! Thanks for sharing.


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Nice, but I would hate to have to move it around, even if it is in 3 pieces!

Mike, an American living in Norway

Wow! Hardly furniture; more like a true piece of art.

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that is beautiful.

I’m picturing it sitting next to a piece of furniture that one would typically find in a store today….

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That is SO COOL

Very good Craftsmanship…

You have to buy a Castle to put it in! :)

Have Fun! ...

A beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The inlays are lovely.


In all honesty I think it’s too busy…
Yes there is a lot of craftsmanship into it but I don’t have any feeling for it.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

wow, that is incredible! Such amazing workmanship with what was probably fairly simple tools.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Wow for sure. That’s remarkable…stunning

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Its very nice, but I couldn’t imagine trying to move it. I’m sure its got to be heavy

Brian James