Small accomplishment, feeling pretty good

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I have a small accomplishment at work. Due to change of use from residential to commercial, we had to reverse the swing of an entrance door in a historic building in the south street seaport historic district so it swings out to facilitate emergency egress. It was a right swing door opening into the space. Now it is a right swing door opening out to the street. The frame was integral to the entire entrance so it couldn’t simply be removed and turned around. I had to make due with what was there. I don’t usually do the actual work, normally, except in circumstances that the guys are in over their heads. The carpenter that worked on this job with me is an experienced and skilled dude. I walked him through each step and when we finished the door looked good and functioned perfectly, despite it being warped a little. At the end, he told me, “I like to work with you,” which I took as a compliment of the highest order. :-) It’s a little thing, but made my day.

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looks really professional and impressive


Great job, ESPECIALLY when you consider who it was for (see sign)… 8-)


““I like to work with you,”” <<< yah, that’s pretty awesome!

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good job Brian I have had to make changes like that to you done well


Haha, Mike! They were the old tenant (imagine that – city agency operating an office illegally in a residential apartment). Anyway, I doubt those guys would even know the difference between swing-in and swing-out. LOL…

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“I like to work with you” it doesn’t get much better than that with men. We’re an odd and often very subtle group but that is a nice compliment with deep meaning.

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Good Job Brian, but I got a good laugh.
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Yet the hinges are on the outside…LOL
Hopefully those are non removable hinge pins.

That’s nice Brian. He learned what we all here already know. You are very talented.


It does feel good when one hear that. But again I am sure he does not say it to everyone, especially an old timer.

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Bently, we considered the safety of the hinges outside. The pins are removable. However the residential lobby door is exactly the same (swings out, removable hinge pins, large glass) and there has never been a problem. Anyway, code requires all egress doors to swing out. If someone complains, I’ll put a couple of edge pins in. Dowel is cheaper than hinges. ;-)

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