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How was your long weekend?


Hope you spent most of it in your workshop :) Looking forward to see your progress blogs and new creations here. It’s been a bit quiet…

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Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

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I spent my weekend building a railing for the back steps…No time in the shop at all.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

I managed to get a few hours in the shop Saturday and started a small table project. I posted a blog about it. In the afternoon I got the pool opened. We had friends over on Sunday and I spent most of the day tending the big smoker and a couple of grills, drinking beer and throwing horseshoes. Yesterday morning I finally got the big garden tilled and spent the afternoon changing the harmonic balancer on my SIL’s car and playing with my youngest grandson.

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Sequestered … on a Hal Taylor-rocker build.

3W’s early membership appears to be passionate woodworkers – rather than Bloggers. While I try to get online at least once per-day, I find I’m too busy building things (I’m not that efficient at it). My first ‘test’ rocker – made from Douglas Fir – looks like a test rocker; so I won’t be posting pictures…


I barbecued and hunted down a walnut tree. They’re sneaky bastards – he almost got away.

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MontyJ, grill and beer sounds good :)

MJCD, test rocker is better than no rocker at all. You’d sure be happy to see it online in the future.

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

Helped a friend with a project. Took nearly 2 full days, add to that 3 inches of rain. and my weekend was done. I got nada, zilch, f…all done. Plus she had the balls to show up 1.5 hrs. late both days.
Rant done.

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Thanks for the encouragement.

The Rocker is well-above my current skill set. However, the Test Rocker will rock, and my wife will fit in it (not that that’s something strange, but it’s important to set the correct priorities). Other priorities include using no 16-penny nails, no super-glue, nor 3" screws to ‘snug-up’ joints. Many, many other things are optional…

Fun to a degree.
Spend it taking visiting friends around San Francisco. Needless to say it was crowded like I have never seen it.
The BBQ in my Yard was awesome. I fired the smoker early morning and by evening started the BBQ.

No Woodworking to report!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Does making firewood count as “wood” working? My husband and I helped the young people from our church make firewood for a (slightly older than us) couple. That’s the last until fall. Eighty-five degrees is too hot for making firewood!

I did manage to get into the shop briefly, too, but I’m doing the much-disliked part now — finishing. I hope I’ll have the cabinet finished within the next couple of weeks, but 33 drawers is a lot of finishing!!


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What a coincidence L/W, we had similar temperature here…
It is too hot to make anything. That’s a good deed though, 90 degree is good :)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Our long weekend (Canada) was a week earlier. I wasn’t woodworking exactly but I did participate in an annual race for classic gaff rigged sailboats and I was sailing one of my projects. We came second.

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Talking about rocker I started on one a couple of month ago.
Made the template for the legs and stopped there. I have not been able to go back and continue the project. We have been working overtime + 6 days a week for a while (voluntarily).

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s great, Paul.. Congrats!

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian