Picnic Table #4: Lamination

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I did a quick dry run with a couple of laminates on the form.
I heard crackling. It seemed to me the wood was too dry and the existing stress in the wood was fighting against me.

Need some energy, time for Ice cream before the glue up.

It is not visible but the form has 2 layers of clear packing tape to make sure I don’t inadvertently glue everything to the form.

Anyway I rolled on some glue and clamped 4 at the time.

Added some more

I noticed that I got very little squeeze out although I applied a generous amount of glue.

I let it dry for 24 hours each time I added laminates

Notice the ugly section

And the second one which came out much better.

I also realize that my fear about the cauls made out of 2×4 would not be adequate to apply equal pressure were right on.
I got a lot of pressure but it was not evenly distributed.
I added more clamps to the top part but since it’s a flat form I could not see he bottom edges

By the time I was done almost all the gallon of glue was gone. Very little was left also very little squeeze out. I am wondering if the dry laminate did not just gobble it up :)

Now time to cleanup…

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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I think you were brave to take on such a demanding task Ian, especially such a large one. I think you got a lot more success than failure here, so give yourself a pat on the back. Many others wouldn’t even had dared to try.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

I am from the get done now gang :)

It looks solid but The next lamination for outdoor will be either epoxy or unibon.800

I have to practice with either one first.
I played with epoxy mixed with wood dust just for inlay use. The epoxy I was using was thick and definitely cannot be used to spread on laminate. I would have spent a great amount of time just to spread it on.

When it’s time, I know who to ask :)


I will have to practice a bit

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

You probably got enough glue on them, It would have been nice to see more squeeze out, but you know how much you put on so I’m confident they’re ok, Maybe some wider clamping blocks to apply more pressure evenly, but you know that already.
It’s all a learning process. If you do it again you would do it different. Then if you did it again after that I’m sure it would be different again.
You persevering on through though. Good Job.
You are from the “Get it Done Gang”

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