New finely crafted logo and design updates

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New logo design has been inspired by the era of traditional crafts. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it and it sits boldly in the center of the header area. I even added two supporting texts to it: “CRAFTED WITH PASSION” and “AUTHENTIC CRAFTS”. They describe the direction of the website nicely.

There is also a change in the names and intentions of the two major site sections. Blogs are changing to Updates and Forum is changing to Discussions. Feel free to start sharing your workshop updates more frequently and participate in the discussions of your favorite crafts.

Projects remain the backbone of Craftisian and their listing now has a more substantial design with the titles and excerpts featured just under the images:

Updates (former blogs) are now displayed in the column layout to make the page visually more pleasing:

I am pleased with these changes as they solidify Craftisian as the project showcase website for the authentic craftisians. And my hope is that the website itself is not lagging behind the quality of your projects anymore :)

Any feedback is appreciated as always.
Thank you.

-- Martin Sojka,

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