Murphy Bed Wall Unit #2: Bed Hardware

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Surprised at the interest, now the pressure is really on (especially with Huff watching) ;)

For me the first order of business is to get the bed hardware ordered so that I will have it in time, and start reading instructions for the dimensions so that I can start planning the build around it.
Not having experience with any certain brand, I decided to use this company that I found online.
I’m going with the Supreme Steel System with the 25 year warranty and rated at 1700 lbs. I’m also upgrading to the extended leg option so that my client can go up to a 12" deep mattress instead of the standard 10" mattress.

I could have got the DIY system and saved a few bucks by making my own bed frame, but in reality it would have costed me more. I would have had to build the bed frame, stain and finish it, figure where everything needs to mount to it. The time and material alone would be worth the extra cost of going with the package. With the package I will have a nice powder coated frame that everything will just bolt together. (I hope)

One reason I went with this company is that they have videos showing every step of how their product goes together, I felt, since this is my first time, it would be valuable help making sure I get it right the first time. I don’t have time to do it twice.

Next step for me to do will be to start putting hard measurements to my drawing but I am still going to have to wait for the contractor to get some framing done for exacts.
In the meantime I will be searching for my best pricing and availability on materials. I have to make sure I can get the materials I need in case I have to order anything not in stock.
This is the time that for every dollar you save on something is an extra dollar you make. I call it making money at the desk.

I’m pretty busy for the next few days, but I will try to post progress as I can.
Tomorrow I’m meeting a client to go over a bid I submitted for a 1000 bottle wine room and Bar. The client wants to add a few more things, that’s always a good sign…wish me luck,
I have a motto…Your deposit is important!

Thanks for following along!

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I really need to learn one of those programs. My friend that designed my office used AutoCAD and what a great resource. Having everything dimensioned in a complicated build makes it go much easier.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

No problem Bently. I also tried IrenderNXT for the free trial period. That one worked wonders without doing any tweaking. I just don’t do enough to justify the expense yet, but its another product to consider as well.

Thanks David,
Totally makes a difference. The leather on the chair looks pretty real.
Understand you just did a quickie but still makes a big difference.
I’ll take a look at Kerkythea when I’m ready.
Thanks for the suggestion and for doing the sample.
I appreciate you taking the time for me.

Bently, I just started using Kerkythea, and it does a pretty good job. I’m no expert…I’ve only been playing with it for about a month, but even with basic settings, its a better visual than sketchup alone. The software is freeware, and there is a pretty large community where you can find different texture packs, and learn how to modify textures directly out of sketchup to give them a more realistic look. Take a look at this example:

With the right person behind the computer, it could look much better than what I did in just a couple minutes of playing.

Brian, Thanks, I’ll probably post it as a project (if I end up with the job) I never think I have it until the deposit is in my hand.

L/W, Thanks (If it makes it feel more real for you, you could send me the deposit) LOL

Huff, Sketchup is the only program I know.
I’m trying to get a rendering program for Sketchup, but I just haven’t taken the time to find and learn one. That’s my next computer goal.

Huff, you crack me up, my apprentice….LOL
You could come out and be my “Business Director” though..

Wine room meeting went well, another unit to add to the bid. Went out with my laptop and went over the wine room and bar using Sketchup to show the client all the details. Client now has a positive understanding of the build and was very impressed. SU really helps sell the job!

Looks to be some good quality hardware there, and like you said, well worth the price considering the time and materials to do it yourself. Good luck on the wine room bid! Sounds awesome. In order to really capture the essence of a wine cellar, it is imperative that you sample some of said wine…you know…for creative enrichment.

Thanks Lan.
I’m getting the (little) cheaper Supreme Steel System @ 684.00
I originally had 600.00 in the bid and was going to use the DIY kit.(389.00)
I later changed my mind, (after bidding the job), so I wont make any mark up on it.
I did add 150.00 for the upgrade to the extended leg, so I’m covered up to 750.00.

Headed out to dazzle my new client… is the pic of the build for him.

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