Learning veneer #4: More practice of Veneer Hammering.

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I practiced some more today with panel #3.

I chose to do similar pattern as panel #2 since I had so much trouble with veneer curling and gaping miter.
A little better today but I am still no happy with the results.

I am thinking that Roger was right. some projects are better of on a veneer press.
I also had some difficulties with cutting overlapping veneers. Thus all all the gaps between the different veneers.

It was however a good exercise.

Today I went back to scratching the plywood. I was reading that if it is too smooth then you need to scratch.
I also scratch a little the back of the maple veneer as it was moving all over the place, just like last time. after the scratching it behaved better.
I am sure there must be a different explanation :)

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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Thanks Paul!
I did not consider the implications of scratching the veneer…Newbie!

I still have 2 panels to go. I will try some other stuff.

I am considering buying some long backer veneer to practice after the box is done. That will allow me to get to know the glue more and develop a better strategy accordingly.

Thanks for all your input.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Toothing the substrate never hurts, especially when it is a “factory surface” that may have been burnished or contaminated like plywood can be. It will improve the bond. Toothing thin sliced veneer is not normally done and could cause trouble with sand through later on.
For my money those are not bad joints considering that they are very long miters and that wood expands a lot more across the grain than along it. I think the best way to improve the appearance may be to shorten the miters this could be done within the existing design by adding a band or string half way through the maple dividing the miter into two narrower pieces. That’s a late night top of the head idea. It may not stand up in the cold light of day but it seems to make sense to me at the moment.
I think you’re doing great.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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