A STORAGE SHED FOR MY BBQ GAS GRILL #7: Door Frames - Cutting the tenons and Glue-up

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I thought I had made a measuring/cutting mistake on the horizontal door frame pieces, but it turned out to not be so. That saved me a lot of time and I was happy that I wasn’t so sloppy after all.

Today’s Work
I marked up one horizontal frame piece in preparation for cutting the tenons. Here I have set up my sliding table on the saw to cut the tenon shoulders. You can see that I have clamped a spacer to the fence to help make repeatable cuts on all 6 pieces. see below

Here I am setting the blade height with my shop made tool. see Below

And then taking a test cut to confirm the correct blade height. see below

And here is the first shoulder cut and then on to the bandsaw to cut the cheeks and edges. see below

After cutting the tenons I rounded the edges on them to match the rounded end of the mortises and then I did a dry fit. Everything went together well. I then measured the total width of the two doors and compared that with the opening on the shed and it was right on. That happens sometimes. Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the tenons. See Below

Finally I glued the door frames up with polyurethane glue (because it’s waterproof). I am not too worried about the appearance of these frames except they have to be square and flat. They will be on the inside of the doors and vertical tongue and groove panelling will be fastened to the outside. Not pretty, buy it allows the rain to run off quite well and provides no resting places for water. see below

That’s it for today. Not a particularly interesting project, but blogging it gives me an excuse to socialize a little and it’s nice to document the build so that when I get too old to do anything I will be able to look back on some of my little projects. That time probably isn’t very far off!

Thanks for following with.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


Yes L/W, It seems that my thoughts are always focussed on a project while it is underway and I sometimes out-think myself. I still had to cut two more horizontal frame pieces, plane them and cut tenons on them as I had only made 4 when I actually needed 6 of them for two doors. It’s a good thing I didn’t choose woodworking as a career choice!

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


It’s always good to find out that you didn’t really make a mistake. Sometimes maybe we just rethink things too much! ;-)

You’re continuing to make good progress. It looks good.


-- “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Thanks Jay. So true. It’s easy forget some of the good stuff we have learned, but not practiced so much. I think that’s a good reason to re-study basics occasionally and also to rid ourselves of any bad habits we might have acquired underway.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Mike, thanks for the update on BBQ shed ,with great detail !!

Pictures & journals helps one remember ones life !!

I had a friend ask me a question about a project that they were working on. They said " I knew you would know what to do.
I said " I just wish I could remember all that I knew". Lol

-- Jaybird

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