MAKING A WOODEN GEARED CLOCK #5: Escapement Wheel, Minute Wheel and Idler Wheel - Day 5

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Day 5 Work
I made the 6mm work pieces for the escapement wheel, the minute wheel and the idler wheels plus the pallet which runs on the Escapement wheel and some other small items see below

The escapement wheel (the smallest one)
This gear is alternately locked and released with each swing of the pendulum by the pallet to control the speed of the clock. The pallet is attached to the top end of the pendulum. (the fork like thing at the top right).

The minute wheel
This wheel is driven by the main dial/wheel which in turn is driven by the winding wheel and weight. It has 60 teeth. the hour hand is stationary while the whole dial moves on this particular clock.

The idler wheelr
The idler wheel is driven by the minute wheel and is mainly there to reverse the direction of turning in order to turn the espcapement wheel in the correct direction. It has 64 teeth. When one gear drives another the direction of turning will always be reversed in the gear being turned, so to get things going in the right direction again you need that additional gear to do it with. see below

I changed a couple of cutting procedures today. Instead of cutting and leaving a thin line to file off on each gear tooth, I just cut right to finished size. I was feeling more confident with my cutting after getting some practice with the first cuttings. It worked out well except for the escapement gear. I will have to recut that one because I got some chipping on the gear tooth tips and the back on a few teeth too. For that reason I put a zero clearance auxiliary table onto my scroll saw. It’s not 100% zero clearance, but close enough to solve the problem. The others gears came out very well I think.

Thanks for joining in the fun.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


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