Design Help

Hey everyone, I’m working on designing an entertainment center and have the basic design ready but am having a hard time figuring out details for a face frame or the legs/base. Hoping some of you more experienced woodworkers might have made something similar before and have suggestions. I’ve been searching for ideas online but must be searching for the wrong things. The cabinets will be painted and the top will be solid boards joined together and stained dark. Since I’m terribly out of...

I'm a student in need of some help :)

Hi all I’m new to this community and I’m taking an intro to carpentry and cabinetry class at Central Texas College (Fort Leonard Wood Campus). I’ve been searching the web for plans to build a gun cabinet for my class project but all I’ve found are finished projects, which are great inspiration, but don’t really help me in the way of dimensions and quantity materials needed. I’m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction for some plans for some gun cabinets so I can get...

Q: Sliding Windows

I want to add some sliding glass (Windows) to my deck, so I don’t get wet when I am using the cap stove. I have a bunch of tempered glass panes from somebody’s sun porch. How do we install them so that they slide? What do I need to buy/make (as in “get Rick to build”?)

Dining table finishes

Wife wants a dining table. I’m sketching it out. We discussed finishes. She wants an epoxy finish because she thinks it’s durable. I’m not sold on that 100%. First of all, I plan to bevel the underside edges and I’m not sure how to “wrap” the epoxy around the edge. Secondly, I’m not crazy about the look. I also don’t think she understands what the look will actually be. Any ideas on a super durable finish that will take a beating?

An Ethical question

I have a lady friend that likes to do woodworking. As she does not have many tools, likes to come over and use my tools. My principle is that it is under my supervision, which is ok by her. When it comes to sharp tools I want to be there, say saws etc. When it comes to sanders I will let her do it on her own. Same with drill motors. The other day she used a sander without a sanding pad on it and and managed to sand the velcro hook off the pad itself so now the pad will not except the...

Does anyone remember a "bed-in-a-box" type of woodworking plan?

I recall seeing a plan for a platform guest bed which all fit into a piece of furniture which was about 60” wide x 30” tall x 12” deep in a woodworking magazine about 20 years ago. I kept the idea in the back of my head in case there was ever a need for such a piece. My folks are moving from their 4-bedroom farm home they have occupied for the last 76 years to a 1-bedroom apartment but would like to have a place for occasional overnight guests. A sofa-sleeper wouldn’t fit into the room...

Anyone have a Triton TWX7 Work Center?

I received a Triton Router table module last year. It looks like there will not be any of the Work Centers for sale this year and the Triton modules are pretty much useless with out one. So anyone here as one I would really appreciate some photos and measurements so I might build myself one.

Pictures inserted in Creations.

We used to be able to post 5 pics while in the Creations command. Now only one. Is this the new norm or a glitch in the new version, —Madts.


Hi. My name is Mandy and I’m from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I’ve been a civil engineer for the past 25+ years. I grew up in the residential building business. My father was a manager of Lowe’s for 23 years before buying his own building supply business. So I grew up in Lowe’s, spending my summers running around the warehouse and going on deliveries. After college I worked at my dad’s store for 3 years doing contractor sales, house take-offs and purchasing merchandise. I’ve always...


I just picked up my mail to find four copies of the latest Canadian Woodworking Magazine. It features an article I worte almost three years ago. I had forgotten all about it until I got a call last month. !

New member.

Hi all. New member from Reno NV. I’ve been playing around building stuff ever since woodshop in high school but only just recently decided to get serious about actually building some stuff with a little craftsmanship min it. Did my first butterfly inlay the other day ? Anyways “hi” my name’s Aaron, nice to kinda sorta meet you all. I’m gonna lurk a bit and see wassup. But if you’re nearby please speak up always interested in meeting some creative types.

Can’t post any pictures

I have been unable to post any pictures for projects. I’m old and sometimes electronically challenged but just can’t get it to work.

Following Comments?

Just wondering if anybody is having the same trouble I’m having. I can navigate to all the forums, blogs, and creations with no trouble. On the Forums, I can see when the last comment was made on a forum topic but can’t see who made it, and when I click to read it I have to scroll all the way to the bottom each time, ( I don’t like that.) When someone makes a comment on a “Creation”, I can’t find it, nothing shows where the comment was made or who made it, (unless you have the...


I have had troubles loading pictures today. After several attempts still unsuccessful. Since you’ve changed how pictures are posted here I’ve been unable to use my desktop to make project posts using pictures. I was successful using my iPhone on my last post, but not now. I get an error code each time whether I try to load one or five pictures. So anyone else having issues?

Hello all !

Happy New Year ! My name is Jeff and I’m a new member to the woodworking web family. Here is a little info about me: I started out in the residential construction industry about 27 years ago. About 15 years ago I landed a great job as a cabinet shop foreman. That introduced me into the world of commercial woodworking machinery, CNC machines and cabinet design software. I also had the opportunity to work in the finishing department where I learned the basics of spray finishing lacquers...


My dear friend Charles Neil passed away yesterday after 8 months of battling septic. Charles was a master furniture maker, finishing expert and great teacher on both subjects both online through numerous videos and in-person classes. In spite of his great talent and expertise, he would always stop and answer email and phone call questions no matter what he was doing. I feel honored to have known him as a very special friend and mentor and to have been able to know him, he was a one of a kind...

Dovetail practice

What kind of wood is best to us for dovetail practice? Pine is cheap, but doesn’t really translate to most nice woods because it’s so soft, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on practice wood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello fellow woodworkers!

Retired. Currently: Woodworker, Metalworker, Electronics – audio R&D, amplifier builder, Musician, Composer, Writer, Etc. Ex: Electronics-audio equip design & repair from small to large systems, Computer programmer & Software designer, Healthcare giver for disabled folks. (plus too many others to list here but those were my main professions) I’ve also played music for which people actually gave me money (go figure, I would’ve done it for free). Happily married, two small...

I think we have been comprised

I received a private message from a Florence Laurent through Woodworkers Web this evening who says she is the widow of an industrialist. She is dying and wants me to contact her so she can give me 6 million dollars. Oh boy! She has a profile on Woodworking Web. Just wanted to alert you, don’t know what her game is.

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