Danish Cord Bench

I built this bench as a house-warming gift for some friends who are currently going through a major house renovation.  I started designing it at the beginning of January and just finished the build yesterday, so it took about a month of evenings and weekends to complete. 

It has a cherry frame, joined with floating tenons, finished with Rubio Monocoat Pure, and woven with Danish paper cord.  I wanted the woven seat to be uninterrupted along its length when viewed from the top.  I accomplished this by making slots in the rail in locations where wrapping the entire rail wasn't possible.  In those locations, the warp cords (front to back) wrap around the "mini rail" above the slot.

I don't know if the weaving technique has a name, but it's in the style of a Yugoslavian rope chair where no 'L' nails are used.  The cow hitch at the ends of each pair of warp cords is a hallmark of this technique.  The wide band of 8 warp cords in the center of the seat provides a place to hide knots behind as the lengths of the weft cord (side-to-side) are joined together as needed.  This is a bit of cleverness stolen from the Wegner CH-25, which uses that strategy on the chair back.

If I were doing it again, I would spend more time packing the wraps around the rails closer together.  There are a few small gaps that didn't need to be there.   But overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out and hope my friends get some good use out of it.

I took some photos out on the driveway where the overcast skies provided some good lighting.  I also did a test fit of the bench in my own entryway.   I think maybe I need a bench there.  Hmmm...

(The build is blogged here.)



Looks great Ross, worth the efforts!
damn ross that came out real nice. 

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Nicely done!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Beautiful bench, Ross! There's a fundamental "rightness" to your projects that is very appealing to the eye and intellect.
Lovely.   Nicely done.   


Very Nice Ross, the design is wonderful, well done. A great write in the blog series. 

Main Street to the Mountains

Great looking bench, Ross! Thanks for taking us through it in the blog, too. I was following along, but not saying too much.

May you have the day you deserve!


If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

I appreciate the kind words, folks.  It was a fun build.

 Ron Stewart
 commented about 17 hours ago
Beautiful bench, Ross! There's a fundamental "rightness" to your projects that is very appealing to the eye and intellect.
Ron - That has to be one of the finest compliments I've ever received.  Thank you.
What a gorgeous piece! Superb craftsmanship, I'm sure your friends will treasure it.

.................. John D....................

What a lovely house-warming gift.  It turned out really great.

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Thanks, all.  Yeah, I'm not sure when they'll have they're open-house, but I'm ready.
Just newer get tired of mid century modern and paper cord, great looking bench. Enjoyed the small detail in the center of the seat  where you have made the weave go over a few places (if that makes sense). Nifty litte detail.
Good overall balance and a nice, calm feel to this bench. A lovely gift!

"The good chair is a task one is never completely done with" Hans Wegner

Thanks, Ty, I appreciate the kind words.  
This looks so cool! your friends must be so happy!

No name noobie here

Thanks, guys.  YRTi - They are still not completed with the house reno.  So I'm still waiting for the open-house party yet where I'll give them the gift.  Better happen soon or I'll claim the bench for myself.  :)