Gun Cleaning Box


My apologies, I have been rather lazy about posting this box in “Creations” after finishing it. I had been posting in the “Finishing and Painting” thread as I was developing my new-to-me strategies of small box building techniques.

I took my time trying to determine how best to finish this, since it will be frequently exposed to gun solvents and gun oil. Currently I am staying with a BLO finish. The one exception being the bullet appliques that I finished with amber shellac, used metallic colored Sharpies, and final coated with a clear Deft lacquer for protection against the dissolving properties of either the BLO, gun solvents, or gun oil. Did much testing of that to assure color retention on these appliques. Right now they are applied with double sticky back tape, in order to make it easier to change if I keep changing my mind (frequently)… ;-)

My use of hidden magnets for the lid latch is/was rather simplistic and my first effort at it. I am sure that I can improve on that aspect on future boxes.

I have re-coated the box with BLO 3x and may continue with that choice, OR I may eventually coat with epoxy. I do like the warmer tone of BLO though I am wondering about first coating it all with Amber Shellac before the protective coat of epoxy… Well anyways, I do have another Granadillo board of equal dimensions I can play with next time… 8-)


This turned out great Mike,great job.

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Beautiful wood. Nice work.

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Nice to see it all done Mike.
Well done!

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Yeah, good woodwork, too bad about the bullets and stuff but beautiful box.

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It turned out great Mike!

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Sweet, like the way you have matched the grain through the front to the lid !

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