Marqutery School #4: Home Classes a Success!

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My first student has just finished his level one interactive video course and it was a big success. He received over three hours of video instruction and sent me ten videos of his work for critique. We communicated on messenger several times a day. It really was just like he was here.

I actually think that it is a better course for the student than being here. When I have students in class I can be a little laid back with the instruction sessions because if I forget something, they are right there and I can tell them. In the videos the students aren’t there so I do a better job of covering everything the first time. And then there is the bonus that they have the videos to go back to, not just their memories.

At a range of a few thousand miles Matt was able to achieve the same results that my “in shop” students have and he enjoyed it enough that I just sent him the materials package for level two.

Here are some pictures of the class.


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That is so cool … interesting how the internet can make us lazy but, with your story, it shows off its ability to be an amazing tool

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