WoodworkingWeb Redesign 2020

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First, I’d like to thank Michal for his contribution to WoodworkingWeb in the past years (we still continue moving CakesDecor to the sky together).

If you did read my WoodworkingWeb Restart post you know that I decided to commit fully to WoodworkingWeb after some rough times. The clarity comes only when the mind and soul are in sync and I’m happy to say that I’m making great progress :) My vision for the WoodworkingWeb is crystal clear now.

I’d like to invite you to a journey. A journey of transformation. WoodworkingWeb just got lovely redesign and it’s going to be transformed to Craftisian.com soon. A place to share project stories online. All crafts will be invited. This is already in progress in my workshop so stay tuned.

And now back to just launched redesign. This is the first step to breathe new life to this community. The theme of this redesign could be summarised in two words: bold and clean. You can see changes on all pages but I’d like to highlight following ones.

Creation pages feature larger cover image as well as larger author avatars. Lots of spring cleaning and confident action icons are the name of the game here:

New profile page look beautiful. When you have nice avatar and good content you may proudly share this page with your circles.

Mobile views are slick and user friendly. I like to say, they are polished :) I’m finally happy to browse this website on my iPhone:

Stay with me, it’s going to be fun again.
Thanks for any feedback.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com


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