Coffe Table #2: Cutting the Template

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In this installment of the blog I will be cutting the template. The rib cage will depend on it.

I used my home made beam compass to layout my arcs

I am using an old Ikea closet door for template. That’s the longest 1/2 MDF I have

We need 2 important lines:
-The center line
-The perpendicular line that will intersect the arches to determine the height at 15"

I also needed to cut the arcs on the band saw using my circle cutting jig.
Since the centers are located off the MDF board I need to attach the MDF board onto a larger carrier piece. And old Thomas the tank engine was very useful here :)
Please note that I also trimmed the end of the door that are not needed so that it will be easier to maneuver on the band saw.
I also enlisted the help of my son to assist in hold the board since it is rather large and exceed the band saw table a bit. He also to took some pictures

I drew a line perpendicular to the edge of the carrier board somewhere close to the middle

Then I attached the MDF “door” onto the carrier with double sided tape making sure the center line on the door matches the line on the carrier board

I located C1 and C2, the center of the two arches and drill 1/16 holes. Those holes will be used on the circle cutting jig for the center pin.

Notice I still have 2 line markings at the template ends were the line intersected the arcs. it will be used for trimming later.

I did not realize Ikea sells paper… The might be a problem during pattern routing. I will have to remember to take it easy and not apply too much pressure against the bearing.(which I should not do anyway)

I trimmed the ends of the template with my long sled. the cut was along the left over marking. It should not be a disaster if the marking were not perfectly aligned s. Close enough is good.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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The only problem is I did not find the 1/8 ply at the depot yesterday… I will try Lowes on sunday after the black friday crowds go to sleep:)

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s a good idea Brian.

I did cut the ribs already.
I cut very close to the line on the bandsaw and then I took it nice and easy especially in that area. Very little pressure on the bearing.

Overall they all came out fine. I am sure toward the last few pieces there are some small irregularities but I am not too concerned about them since they will be covered with 2 layers of plywood before I ay the veneer.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

If you’re worried about the “paper” during pattern routing, which is a very reasonable concern in my opinion, maybe you should edge band the template. That will make for a firmer surface to ride the bearing against.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

I think that cutting the template this way is easier for me than trying to shape it on a spindle sander or with a spoke shave.
With a circle jig it’s ready to be used. No sanding.
The main thing is a steady cut, no back an forth and the right blade for the radius at hand.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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