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The carpentry work is finished and only the painting remains. I enjoyed this project and I hope it will be a convenience for us in the years to come. The space it occupies on our terrace is never used, so it was a good place to put it. The only downside is that though the shed initially fit nicely between our roof drain pipe and a window frame on the opposite side, I did not allow for the moldings which increased the width. That means we can’t have the shed tight against the wall as I had planned, but since it is the only space we have for the shed, I’m not too worried about it as I think it looks ok anyway. Best of all, I no longer have to struggle with the grill cover!

Work done since the last episode

  • The doors were finish paneled.
  • I cut all the moldings from construction materials. They are all Fir.
  • The shed was leveled and some plastic feet installed.
  • The door latch was installed.

Here are some photo’s of the completed project, (except for paint, the first coat to be put on tomorrow). see below

In case you are wondering what those funny looking things on the roof are, they lead the water away from the edges like the ones on our house in the next photo. I’m not sure if you have those where you live, you probably have a better solution.

In the photo you can also see the double doors on my shop to the right. The doors on the shed will be painted the same green color and the rest of it white. All of the doors on the house and the garden shed are the same green.

Another of my outdoor projects is the sliding door between my shop and the house with the X’s at the top. I built it about 11 years ago with mortise and tenon construction and it still works and remains in very good condition.

Thank you for following with. I will post the shed as a creation as soon as the painting is finished.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


Thanks Jan. 38C, Wow, that is hot! We are at about 18C where I live now, 24C earlier today. I just posted the finished and painted shed as a creation. I hope you are enjoying your vacation and maybe a swimming pool nearby, or at least a cold beer?

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

From my vacation place with hot weather (I saw in Norway it is also beautiful) 34 degrees!! I like to tell you that your BBQ shet looks great. Well done Mike. Thanks for sharing.
BTW Tomorrow it will be 38 degrees in Holland.


At least if the weather isn’t great, your BBQ has a nice house to live in! You’ve done a great job on it, and I like how it coordinates with the house and deck. Add a couple of rhinestones and you’ve definitely got backyard bling!


-- “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Thanks Tony. I can’t wait to get the cover off the BBQ for the summer. The weather was great today and we painted the first coat on the shed today. My wife did the white part and I did the green doors. That said the weather forecast for the rest of the summer is pretty glum with cold and rain predicted, a lot of it!

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks guys. I’m just glad it’s finally finished. Today I will be getting rid of cut-offs and cleaning my shop up. Later today or tomorrow the painting begins.

Thorreain Yes, a happy coincidence. I did think I might as well enter it since it will be the only outside project I do this summer. It isn’t very blingish, but at least I can participate for a change.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

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