Building Some Chevalets, a Class Action #3: Lots of Parts, Lots of Joinery

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I guess I got lots done today although I didn’t get as far as I wanted to. (Do we ever?) There have been enough blogs on chevy construction and I’ve got lots of pictures so I’ll keep the text to a minimum and let the photos do the explaining.

These are the cheeks for the sides of the columns in way of the arm clamps. I band sawed them to save time.

Then, before I glued them on, I cut the part catching gullets on the column tops.

…. and sanded them.

*While I was in the * band sawing mood I cut the end details on the bases.

These are the carriage logs and posts cut to size.

… and with a little joinery.

Pitch seams come with the territory with Douglas Fir. I just buried them. There were about five or six.

These are the four sets of seat parts.

Here’s a clamp-up of where I got to today. I have four of these.

The joinery is “off the saw” and can be adjusted but it’s not bad for Q&D.

That’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the shot with a seat attached………..

Thanks for looking in.


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