WoodworkingWeb Awards - Bits & Pieces #2: And the Winners Are ...

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Our 7th WoodworkingWeb awards are over and we ended up with 5 entries. I would like to thank you all who participated by submitting entries or voting!

Here are the winning creations:



  • $100 Cash Prize
  • WoodWorkingWeb T-Shirt

Marquetry Jewellery Box by shipwright – 44 points


Runner Up

  • WoodWorkingWeb T-Shirt

Art Deco Library doors by CindyG – 35 points


One Random Draw Winner

  • WoodWorkingWeb T-Shirt



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Congratulations! I’m going to PM the prize winners shortly.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

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Congrats to Paul and Cindy and to all the other participants. Very worthy first and second place winners with the work on both being of such a high caliber that it couldn’t have been an easy choice for the voters. As for Paul’s spelling, I can assure you we don’t care how he spells as long as he keeps posting his work!

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Congratulation to all of the participants.
We had to decide on some great entries.

It was a great journey you took us on Paul. Seeing every detail on your project was thrilling. Seeing it get first place is no surprise.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

+1 to everything Cindy said.
It is an honour (honor) to be recognized by our peers, people who actually understand the processes of woodworking.
….. about the double spelling above, I’m in Barstow Ca. Tonight in the midst of my annual migration to Az. for the winter and as a Canadian who spends half his time in the USA it is sometimes hard to decide which spelling to use. :-)

Again thanks to everyone who participated and who voted and special thanks to Martin for making this all possible.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Excellent work and creativity by all. Congratulations to shipwreck for an outstanding project. Cindy you have an outstanding project as well. Thank you all for sharing and showing the rest of us what to strive for. AWESOME!!!!!

-- Jamesw

I’m not sure I could have chosen between first and second. Both are awesome. Well done everyone and a special well done to shipwright for sharing his journey with us.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

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