Journey into Hexagon Boxes #4: Fine Tuning or Details.


This is part 4 in a 5 part series: Journey into Hexagon Boxes

  1. Getting started
  1. Top and Bottom Panels
  2. Fine Tuning or Details.
  3. Finishing up

Been a little slow on progress, yard work has been getting in the way.

Had a few of the finger joints that were a bit off, so with chisel in hand, pared off some thin pieces to fill the larger gaps. Just had to pay attention to the grain. Worked out very well, no one will never know. Also had to fill in the dado's for the bottom panel in the drawers. I did that with some small squares cut from a block. Again nicely hidden.

Next I had to glue in some tiny guides for the drawers, required to have the point of the drawer to line up nicely with the case. They were small and had to have a bit of an angle on them, also it stops the drawer from going in past the face of the case.

One of the details that was needed, was a trim strip to each side of the drawer to cover a slight gap. This will also help guide the drawer in place.


Decided to turn some small pulls for the drawers, using the matching stock. Before gluing the top and bottom panels in place I'll finish the interior of the case with a few coats of wipe on poly, I want these to be sealed. Almost there.

Thanks for reading and comments are always welcome and appreciated. Until later.

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These are looking really good!

You didn't ask for suggestions, but I had a thought for a drawer pull that I'm going to share any way 😀.

The idea would be to place a strip in a groove cut into the front of your drawer. Curve the ends to give some grip to the pull.
Do with the thought as you please. Anything from ignoring to to using it is fine with me.
Steve, thanks. Now that pull is something I didn't think about. It looks nice, I would just have to mill it a bit larger to clamp it in the vise, then cut to size. I'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.

I did figure out a way the secure the drawer, small magnets at the front point should work. I have some that are a 1/4" diameter which will work nicely.

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These are very nice boxes, Came out great. I like Steve's suggestion for drawer pulls, they fit the theme of the box nicely and don't protrude out like a typical pull would.

OldTool, thanks. I am leaning towards the pulls above. The more I think about it the better it looks.

Did I mention that I like this site, always some great ideas.

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I really like the extra efforts you are putting in to make these perfect!

I used small magnets for small drawers in some desk organizers (mounted in the back). I like they way they let the drawer "snap" into place and fully close.

Also digging Steve's pull idea, may have to incorporate something like that for a future small drawer. 🙂
Splinter, thanks. I was thinking the magnet on the top edge of the drawer and put one corresponding on the underside of the lip. or I could go to the bottom side also. And those drawer pulls would be better.

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Fine looking joints. You mentioned that nobody would know. We wouldn’t if you hadn’t mentioned it. 8^}

James McIntyre

James, thanks. When I post the finished project, probably will not mention that part. They will have to read to see some of the finer detail / mistakes/ real plan ect.

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Additional detail, pulls for the drawers, taking the above suggestion (Thanks Steve). They turned out great, small but large enough to grab.

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I like the handle. It gives extra creativity to the box that is already creative shape! I'm looking forward to seeing the final products!

No name noobie here

Yrti, thanks. It is almost completed, need to apply some finish on the interior before I glue the top and bottom in place.

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Kinda like an extended spline, fits right in. That box design has a lot of potential uses!
Splinter, thanks. I thinking about one a bit larger with some divider trays.

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Lot of working and measuring on such project....


Ivan, thanks. Very true, but it has been a fun project, getting to the finishing point now.

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Eric...I totally agree with your comment:  "Did I mention that I like this site, always some great ideas".  I see things & hear things that has helped me so much.  

Great work by the way...way beyond me at this point.


Yolanda, thanks. Don't cut yourself short, put your mind to it and you will accomplish the task you set out to do.

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Steve, thanks. Working on the finish (inside surface) so I can put the rest together. Hopefully post as a project over the weekend. But it might be a busy weekend with the Swap reveals, providing the last guy to receive gets his package. 

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