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My Identical Twins
I turned these identical twin vases many years ago and I still have them, although, I got good offer for them, but I don’t like to see them going away. They come with eight entwined oval rings that make close chain around the vases. The process of doing that is very complicated and time consumer, but I enjoyed creating them and solving all the problems I met during building their blanks.


These are amazing Sam!!

-- -- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com

Really beautiful. It’s easy to understand why you held onto them.

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I can’t even imagine setting up the rings…

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Nice work indeed.

Very complicated is Right. Very well done, Sam. I did one piece with linked rings and _missed_on turning them to look perfectly connected. This is an amazing piece, duplicated! and I can see why you wish to hang onto them!

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I do not even want to try to figure out you did this. I get dizzy.
Outstanding work.

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These are lovely Sam. I don’t think I could part with them either.
Turning blank assemblies can get very involved and intricate. They really intrigue me and you do them so well.

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Amazing indeed!

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


We can’t begin to imagine the time involved in the glue-ups and then to lathe them perfectly, too! They will be a family heirloom.


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Gorgeous vases !…..I couldn’t part with them either…Well done !

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