Two marquetry boxes

Two marquetry boxes
Two marquetry boxes
Two marquetry boxes
Two marquetry boxes
Two marquetry boxes

These two boxes make use of the second and third of my four Jean Francois Oeben inspired marquetry motifs for their mirror image tops. They were custom made to house a collection of balls of embroidery yarn.

I made them for the collector who bought my earlier jewellery box. She likes my work and after the initial concept drawing she gave me full creative control to make them as detailed as I wanted. She didn’t want to see any progress pictures at all and just said … “surprise me”.

For that reason, I haven’t posted much at all for the last year to be sure I didn’t spoil the surprise. Well, she took possession a few days ago so I can now post them.

All the marquetry motifs and parquetry patterns are authentic to J F Oeben, an eighteenth century French Master, although somewhat “interpreted” to fit my spaces and the backs feature a version of Louis XV’s monogram.

The principal woods are Purpleheart, Tulipwood, Ribbon Bloodwood, and Kingwood. The marquetry includes several other exotics as well as the bright yellow Mahonia (Oregon Grape) from my own garden and some greens and blues that I dyed specially for the job.

The last one above is my favourite picture of them. The pencil appears to be a vampire. I only wish I had had a little Dracula doll instead of the pencil.

Thanks for looking.


The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.


Gorgeous! Really incredible. I’m glad you found a market for them. They must be very difficult to price. I hope you were handsomely compensated.

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Clever picture… and beautiful work!

No words to describe other than my idea of perfection. Thanks you for sharing.


I agree with Jack- Perfection!

Amor Vincit Omnia

I always love your work Paul Beautiful boxes.

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We’ve missed seeing your incredible creations. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece with us!


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More amazing work Paul!! The others said it all

That is fantastic work , you can definitely see your skill level in this project .


Saw this in the weekly promo
thought, that HAS to be Dennis Zonger…
Then saw “shipwright”…
They are exquisite Paul, like all your work
Love the vibrant, bright colors
and how the sides grab the drawers when closed
Nothing short of Masterful Sir
and a pleasure to see!

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Paul, I am just looking at this again, and I’m even more amazed by you. I am wondering how it is that you have no visible pattern loss when you cut through the marquetry for the drawers-it all matched perfectly! How did you do that? Was it cut on a scroll saw with a very thin blade, and then mounted to the drawer front? I would sure love to see you in action, making these remarkable pieces.

Amor Vincit Omnia

Thanks Cindy,
I cut them with a dozuki and then glued each one to a drawer front.
……. Carefully! 😁😁

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.