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While I don’t see myself re-posting all of my projects posted elsewhere, this one is a little special.

Friendship is the boat that I promised myself throughout my working life (as a wooden boat builder) that I would build for myself upon retirement. I retired in the spring of 2004 and after renovating a new (to us) house, began her construction in December of ‘05. By the end of June ’06 she was sailing and I have spent some of my happiest hours aboard her over the past eight summers in the Canadian Gulf Islands and the American San Juan’s.

Please come for a sail.

Thanks for looking .


-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

I cannot begin to fathom the work or skill that went into that boat. It is absolutely awesome. I am not fond of water, in fact I have been known to gasp for air in the shower, but I sure do enjoy looking at your craftsmanship…thanks for showing us

-- Mike

LOL….I suppose I’d have sorted that out if I’d wasn’t so jealous. Still, that’s just half the trip so you got it half right, eh? Gimballed inlays…now that’d be a skill.

I still own a part of a small patch on Pender that I haven’t seen in six years. It’s a small price to pay for what I have now, though. usually. Thanks for posting the vids…nice to see.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Thanks for the nice comments. She was a labor of love.
W&R, close but no cigar. It is the Cowichan Bay side of Saltspring Island.
The leaf isn’t so level on the other tack. http://youtu.be/Dmf_13pDfjc

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Can I be your son? What a lovely boat. What a lovely boat. Just…Wow. I learned to sail when I was ten. I haven’t been on a sailboat for eight years. Just…Wow. Nice boat.

I’m now living at the head of a valley high in the mountains and far from the sea. I’m quite green with jealousy.

Regarding that “son” thing…I’ve got a few years on you so that may not work out.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Ah crap… Don’t get me started,… Geez I’m jealous and miss my younger Navy days, but… Come on, I’m a ’lander now and and , and…….. 8-{

-- HorizontalMike

And it is definitely worth reporting Shipwrights. She is a beauty.
I am in awe of folks who have built their own wooden boats. I dream of one days building myself a very small wooden fishing boat. I see something like this though and it is amazing. I’ve studied on what I need to do to build my little dingy and just cannot fathom building this creation in under a year.
The good times aboard are well deserved.

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