History: Planer

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There are planers and then there are PLANERS!!!

source: http://www.machineryscans.com/woodworking%201.htm

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That sucker is too big for my shop

I'm the one with the beard

Like everything else in those days they made things to last and who knows, maybe this one is still in use!

Mike, an American living in Norway

The guys running them did not last. Their long hair, scarfs and such got caught in the external gears, and got dead.
But such is progress. Thank god for OSHA. and the equivalent in Europe.

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Hmm… Maybe I should think about shortening my ponytail huh? This stuff just all confuses me… So do I shorten the “front” ponytail? Or the ponytail in the “back”?…



Now that’s a planer. I am sure it did not have all the noise and the nasty vibrations…

As for the hair being caught…
I wouldn’t have that problem, I fairly thin up there… The good news is that bellies are not known to be caught in there:)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I guess the little “made in China” sticker must have fallen off. LOL


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Where do you put the wood?


that’s awesome, and terrifyingly dangerous.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Just having one of those sitting around for the curiosity aspect would be worth it…..

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Factories were scary place back in the day. Everything was belt powered from some large external engine. Like shown here : www.machineryscans.com/wood%20router%20boult%202.jpg

Crazy stuff. Be careful where you walk.

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