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Temps are starting to drop, time to get the old heater fired up.

Anyone use a wood stove in the shop?
What sorts of heat do you use?

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I have a heat pump. Air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. I love, it keeps the shop at a steady temperature all the time. You can see it mounted on the wall high up in the background behind my grandson.

Mike, an American living in Norway


We have an 80,000 BTU gas forced-air system with carefully placed cold-air returns (with filters), but it still means frequent filter changes. The programmable thermostat makes it nice for keeping gas use down but still having a warm shop when we want it.

The wood heat is for the house!


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I just have the house furnace in the garage. When the house is being heated, the garage get pretty warm too:)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

my shop has no heat and only minor insulation. i’m jealous of you guys.

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My first shop was heated (primarily) with a wood stove, though I had a gas forced air furnace to hold the temps to 50º when I wasn’t in there. I have to admit, the crackle of a fire in the stove (along with a chance to conceal all mistakes) was really special when I was working in there on a snowy day. But the stove did take a sizable piece of real estate and eventually had to go to make room for an assembly table (sigh). We moved and my new shop is slightly larger, but evne though I brought that wood stove with I haven’t hooked it up…just putting in another gas forced air furnace. Some day, maybe, I’ll put the wood stove in; but as I age I find the prospect of gathering fire wood a lot less attractive.

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The first year I was in the shop I figured that I could tough it out, that was the first and last year without heat.

My garage is built into the house. Bedrooms above and living room next to it. There is an insulated pipe running along the ceiling on one side that feeds the baseboard heaters upstairs. I’ve been thinking about changing that to fintube but I’ve been lazy. Maybe in the spring. Shop rarely gets below 50° since there is heat above and to the side so it’s tolerable.

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In Texas no work for about 3 months because of a non insulate garage. After that all is well. working at a temp of 40 degs. is wonderfull.


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BINGO Madts! Isn’t it just great! Still running two fans with the 9×16′ door wide open.

The best part? I’m NOT sweating all over those cast iron surfaces!