The Chain


An end grain pattern box

Construction – EZ Mitre, Shell box.

Dimensions – 102 mm square x 51 mm high x 5.5 mm thick walls ( 3 mm core + 2.5 mm pattern). On a 6 mm plinth/inner.

Materials – Ebony, Bloodwood, Maple and Birch Ply.

Adhesives – PVA

Finish – Sanded to 240 Grit and finished with Spray Satin Acrylic

End grain was used for the pattern in order to make it more easily realisable. The third picture shows the block that the pieces in the fourth picture were cut from and the last picture the board before mitring.



Very impressive Martyn,you’re always coming up with amazing designs and masterful builds. You should have enough wonderful boxes by now to open the Britboxmaker museum .

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Beautiful box Martyn.
I have it on my to build list. I flanked the first try for I was careless):
Everything was misaligned and i dumped it. Will Try again some day.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Wow. Very nice!

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Great work! Good to see the process images

Nice one Martyn!

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Really nice Martyn. I like this one a lot.

Wow! I really like this, as it seems relatively easy to accomplish, yet the end product turns out utterly fantastic!

BTW, what did the glue up of the block look like BEFORE the final “4” pieces made the final block? Was there a single layup of layers that were then resawn? Or possibly 2-layups that were resawn to make that final pattern?


Wow, this is just gorgeous and so perfect in execution. You always inspire me!

Amor Vincit Omnia

Your boxes are amazing! This is stunning!